Describe The Marketing Mix For Pepsi?


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Pepsi has a varied marketing strategy. They utilize several different types of marketing in order to address different groups of people. The company has been commended for its ability to do this. Pepsi spends over $100 million on television advertisements. Television is considered to be a traditional marketing technique and it is usually the backbone of any soft drink campaign. Pepsi has always maintained a fierce rivalry with Coca-Cola. This most likely will never change.  Back in the 1970s, they did television ads that showed a blind taste test with Coca-Cola. Of course, the results were that people preferred the taste of Pepsi.

Pepsi has created variations on their beverage in order to attract a broader range of customers. They have flavors such as cherry and lime. Pepsi has also advertised their healthier products as a means to advertise to healthier individuals. Pepsi owns products such as Tropicana fruit juices, Sun Chips, and Snapple juice drink. Pepsi also uses sports as a means of advertising. They advertise with the NFL, NHL, MLB, and the MLS. Advertising with sports leagues opens up a huge market for any company.

Recently, Pepsi has become more involved with social media marketing. They have also maintained a modern and approachable website that uses Pepsi's branding well. Their website is very interactive and encourages exploration. You can even earn free merchandise through their website. Some grocery stores in the United States have Pepsi recycling machines. You can take your empty plastic bottles and put it in the machines. In return, you get credit for products and merchandise. This is a great way to market to individuals who don't normally drink Pepsi. If Pepsi can make them feel obligated to buy their product because they are receiving something for free, they can create a potential long-term customer.

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