What Is The Mission And Vision Of Tesco?


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Tesco have always been a company  that has always done things well but they decided that they wanted to do better and to give their customers more. So, in order to fullfill this Tesco went straight to the source and asked the customers what they wanted.So the now famous slogan "Every Little Helps" was born.

But actions speak louder than words. Nappy changing facilites were put in stores to help mums, the aisles are kept clear, the prices are kept as low as possible and you can get what you want when you want.With stores open 24 hours a day we can get anything we want night or day from a pint of milk to a loaf of bread, from pet insurance to a personal loan. With a catalogue as well Tesco can even supply us with a new television or vacuum cleaner. We can even fill the car up with petrol and wash it while we are there. Tesco's have made outstanding efforts to try and make the lives of their customers that little bit more simpler, because no one like shopping.

Tesco's main vision also includes being the most valued supermarket not only to the customers who use their stores but also to the community in which it is based and to be as strong in all areas of selling as they are in the grocery department and to be an outstanding retailer both in store and online.Their mission statement is to create "value for customers, to earn their lifetime loyalty" which they do by becoming a "creator of brands" giving us, the customer better prices and a wider choice of products so as to encourage the customer to be more loyal and to return there time and time again to shop.
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Creating value for customers, to earn their lifetime loyalty.

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