Describe the two perceptual processes, and explain how they affect behavior in organizations?


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The two perceptual processes include:
  1. The perceptual process model of communication: Within an organization, this affects how information or ideas are communicated to certain groups that have originated from either one person (such as the managing director) or a team of people (such as the HR team). The steps within this process may include the following:
  • An idea or concept is developed and then sent from one person or group to another.
  • This may be sent through a number of media such as a staff newsletter, email or through a team briefing.
  • It will include all the vital information in a clear and concise way everyone can understand.
2. The perceptual process of thinking: Within an organization, this process describes how a piece of information is received, understood and then applied to particular situations. It may follow some of these steps:
  • A message is sent from a source and is received by an individual or group.
  • The receiver will decipher the meaning of the message by reading, looking at diagrams or pictures.
  • If something is not clear they will ask further questions and may communicate further with the person or group who sent the original message.
  • They may then be in a better position to interpret the significance of the message and apply it to their own situation. This may relate either directly or indirectly to their daily work.
  • If it does not apply to them, they will probably just disregard the message.

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