Choose one factors in micro environment and give 1 example & explain on how they can affect the company?


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The Enterprise has only a slight influence on the Macro - Environment
The macro-environment influences the enterprise directly by
effect of interest rates or financial management or legislation
that human resources must comply with

Enterprises operate or function in the Marketing environment.  This environment includes everything inside (Micro – environment) & outside (Macro – environment) the Enterprise.

Micro – Environment can be defined as all the internal variables which can be controlled by Management and consist of forces close to the enterprise that effect its ability to serve its customers - (Mission & Objectives, Management
(Marketing, Financial, Purchasing), Resources (Manpower, capital, know-how, information)

Macro – Environment refers to those external factors or variables that are very complex over which the enterprise has little or no control of most of the variables in it - .Technological, Economic, Socio- cultural, Physical Institutional/
Political, International.

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