What Are The Advantages Of Good Policies In An Organization?


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Having a set of good policies is advantageous in any organization. The main advantage of good policies within a company is to ensure that there is good morale, respect and a positive attitude between staff. When representing the organization, good policies show what an organization believes in and what their approach to the industry is.

When employing new staff, an organization will make it clear what their policies are. Employees will be expected to read through these policies and sign them to acknowledge that they accept them and are willing to abide by them. These policies can include anything from respecting fellow colleagues to accepting a certain lunch break. Ensuring that all staff are treated fairly and equally and that they are all expected to follow the same rules and regulations helps create a respectful and friendly environment. In turn, this environment can create a good association about working within the organization and help boost the company's reputation. Happy workers will speak more positively about the organization whereas unhappy workers are likely to speak more negatively and far more publicly. A good reputation is essential for an organization to be trusted and relied on.

Organizations can also have good policies when representing their views, on a larger scale, within the industry. Making their policies public, allows anyone to see how the organization is planning to satisfy its consumers. In more recent years good policies are focused on saving the environment. With the public becoming more aware about the environment, organizations that show an interest in being eco-friendly are more respected. Any organizations that deal directly with customers, e.g. Supermarkets, will often have policies that promise their satisfaction in an attempt to keep their loyalty. Others may choose to emphasize their future plans or the way that they look after their staff.

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