Q2. Describe the need recognition process that took place before you purchased your last can of soft drink. How did it differ from the process that preceded the purchase of new pair of sneakers? What role, if any, did advertising play in your need re


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Your question is not finished but one can only assume that you're asking about the role of advertising in society. Advertising does of course encourage purchasing. Encouraging people to purchase the goods of the company that is providing the advertising is the main role of advertising, and so it naturally has an impact on people that usually do purchase (or maybe usually don't) the goods from a company. So let's say for instance a cereal company has to advertise. This company will need a more aggressive and overpowering advertising campaign due to the huge amount of competition on the market, whereas other kinds of markets might need less if they have less competition.

Advertising also reflects cultural trends. Advertising will mirror culture, and commercials on the television will use music from popular songs in the charts, or create jingles that are upbeat and sometimes reflect the hits. Advertisements can also use stylist elements from blockbuster films, which include impressive camera angles, slogans, jokes or impressive lighting. The advertisements really need to connect to the individual and that's why advertisers try their best to ensure that their commercials reflect culture.

Advertising is also there to spur economic growth. Former President George W. Bush implored US citizens to keep their faith in the US economy by travelling and shopping, when he was asked what Americans can do to help the country after 9/11. This spending would of course not occur if advertising didn't exist - at least, it wouldn't occur to the extent that it needs to. That's why advertisement naturally has an effect on you, whether you actually notice it or not.

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