What Is Consumer's Buying Decision Model?


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Consumer's buying decision model is a series of five simple steps consumer
Takes during is pursuit of product or service.

1. Problems recognition: Consumer identifies the needs or his/her own product requirements. In this process his personality, environment, surrounding, economy may influence. Say, person is hungry and he identifies his food requirements as basic problem to be solved with a certain amount of money may be as little as $5.
2. Information Search: In second step consumer searches for the available sources that can offer him the desired quantity and quality of food. He keeps in mind, his status, his economy y and his physiological needs of course. At this stage consumer collects maximum information necessary for making a decision. Here consumer tries to find out what type of food out lets, stores and options are available. A kiosk selling burgers, McDonald's outlet, and Walls ice cream parlour can be the few alternatives he could find.

3. Evaluation of Alternatives: Next step is processing this collected data of various alternatives. Here a consumer compares available alternatives with need and money he has. This process of evaluation may be influenced by various personal, social, or psychological factors like; family, friends, personal experiences, likes and dislikes.
4. Purchase Decision: Now customer in consumer market is able to make a right choice. Consumer makes a decision and purchase the type of food he thinks more suitable at that situation. Here consumer makes the decision and may go to McDonald as consumers thinks its not a good time for ice cream and kiosk burgers are not of good quality.
5. Post Purchase Behaviour: PPB is the response or reaction of consumer. Consumer will show a positive response if product meets his perception and he feels good about the product. Otherwise, response will be bad and consumer will do advocacy against the product.

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