How has the global recession impacted upon your life, and what changes have you had to make, as a result?


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The global recession has played a massive part in my family's life. We are currently struggling to put the house on the market, will soon be facing foreclosure if unable to do so, and have had to sell many of our personal belongings. My father lost his job and is finally climbing back up the corporate ladder. My mom is a professional artist and photographer, and she's having trouble finding business. Everything appears to be falling apart around us, but no worries. It'll all work out in the end, this I'm sure of.

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Melinda Moore
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Thanks for this, Noah, and am so sorry to hear of your family's difficulties. I'm really interested to know what effect the recession is having on people from different walks of life, and in different countries, so am hoping some other people will also add their experiences here.

My own family's lives have definitely been affected - with two members working (for different companies) and then both failing to get paid when the companies subsequently collapsed. Others are struggling to find more than short-term contracts, or those for zero or four hours' work a week.

Having said that, some friends and family seem so far to have done well out of the situation, so it definitely seems that not everyone is feeling the impact in the same ways.

Do hope everything works out well for you and yours, and soon. I recall the last major recession and we did manage to climb out of that...eventually, so fingers crossed!
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Thanks so much!

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