Can i get a loan online using direct express debit card for ssi but dont have bank account?


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There is a lack of information online regarding your issue so I advise you to call the Social Security Insurance company directly or perhaps go through the Department of Treasury.

With regards to the Social Security Express card, of which will allow you to receive your SSI benefits, it can be used if you don’t even have a bank account. The aim of this card is to issue you with your benefits through direct payments rather than going through the hassle of receiving your monthly check in the mail. The card is optional however if you decide to have one you will need to order it by either calling (877) 212-9991 or signing up online via Once you have completed this step Comerica will inform SSA of your decision and they will provide the bank with the particular information they need for the card. Once you have received the Express card, you will need to activate it and choose a PIN number. Refrain from using an obvious PIN number such as your date of birth, however once you have decided you should keep a note of it and put it in a private place.

To withdraw cash from this card even though you don’t have a bank account, all you have to do is use an ATM machine that caters for the Direct Express cards. Keep in mind that if you use an ATM that does not have this feature, you will be charged a surcharge fee. You can use an ATM locater online to find the nearest one to you. You have one free cash withdrawal available to you per month however once you have used that you will be charged a further 90 cents. If you do not use the free withdrawal option in that month, then it will carry on to the next month. In addition you can check your balance online, and request a monthly statement at a cost of 75 cents per month.

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