What do you do when you are desperate for money? I found 70 bucks at home and I am going to put that money in my bank tomorrow since I am running out of money from my debit card.


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I would try to watch my spending on clothes or makeup and try to make do and maybe cut back on cell phone usage or using Wi-Fi internet hotspots which are really expensive.Try and make a list of what you spend each week or month and try to lose any items that you can do without for a while.
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Maxine Chan
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I do not wear make up so that is out and I need to pay for tuition so I guess when I get a job I will put it all in my debit card and pay it.
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You start to sell or hock any and everything you possibly can to get some money or til a job comes along and really watch and curb your spending
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If you found 70 bucks at home you should give it to your mom and not bank it for yourself maxine,have you looked in the local papers for jobs and actualy gone into cafe's and restraunts even washing dishes is at least something,
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Maxine Chan
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Yes I looked at those places.. Even yogurt shops and drinks.. Nothing. I am still applying of course.

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