Problem statement of the impact on training and development of staff in the banking sector?


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Within many different sectors there are going to be problems with regards to the training and development of staff. The banking sector is no different as there are many different members of staff who need varying training.

The problems are going to occur when you find that you cannot have one training program as this isn't going to suit all of the staff that work within the banking sector.

· Amount of training

Within the banking sector you will find that there have to be many different training programs in place. All of which will need to be organized and planned. It is not realistic to train all members of staff on the same course and teach them the same things. The different training schemes which are going to have to be place are going to take a lot of time to create if they are to work well.

· Seeing what works

The first training and development scheme which is in place isn't going to be perfect and therefore more and more are going to have to be created and improved. It is going to take a lot of money to ensure that the first scheme you have in place is going to work effectively.

When creating a problem statement for these factors it is going to be important that you ensure that you mention the different aspects which are going to affect one another and therefore you will need to put a plan in place so that future alternative training schemes do not need to be developed.

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