What Are The Recent Developments And Reforms In Banking Sector?


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Technological developments in banking sectors
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There are myriad of changes that are going on in the banking sector and financial sector as a whole.

The most important development that has taken the attention of the authorities is liberalisation in the banking sector and the liberalisation covers two most important aspects under it. These are the removal of ceilings on interest rates so that these are determined by the market itself. The other sector that has also gained the attention of the authorities and to some extent reforms have also taken place is the reduction in the quantitative control so that all the financial intermediaries can have greater control about the use of the liabilities.

Though there are a lot of efforts that need to be taken to get the process of reforms complete, these efforts at least have taken the initiative and we can expect that in some years we can see a whole lot of reforms in the banking sector.

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