Who Are The Key Personnel In Tesco PLC?


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Please find caroline kirk,personnel manager tesco head office
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The key members of Tesco personnel are on the Board of Directors, since they actually shape the company and make all the important decisions.
The Chief Exec who sits on the board, is Sir Terry Leahy (Born 1956). He has been Chief Exec since 1997.
David Reid is the Non Executive Chairman. Rodney Chase is the Deputy Chairman.
Other board members are:
Richard Brasher, Commercial Trading Director
Phillip Clark, Inernational and IT Director
Andrew Higginson, Finance and Strategy Director.
Tim Mason, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of USA
David Potts, Retail adn Logistics Director
We then get into non executive directors. These are: Karen Cook, Charles Allen, E Mervyn Davies, Dr Harold Einsmann, Ken Hyde, Carolyn McCall and Lucy Neville-Rolf who is the Company Secretary.
Some pedants may argue that these are management instead of personnel, but they have the power and officers may come and go but these Directors ar ethe ones who matter !

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