Which of the following are examples of IMDC personnel?


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Unfortunately, without more information it is impossible to answer your question accurately. However, it seems you have a query about personnel who have been in some way lost in an operational environment such as a war zone. Examples of these personnel include military members, civilians, contractor personnel and other personnel members designated to duties by either the Secretary of Defense in the US or the American president himself. These personnel will be classed as IMDC personnel if they have been isolated, are missing, have been detained and have been captured. It can be seen that IMDC is an acronym for 'Isolated; Missing; Detained; Captured'. These methods of being lost in some way are described in more detail below.

  • Getting lost in an operational environment
It is not uncommon for military or related personnel to be lost in an operational environment, due to the nature of such a location. If an individual has been cut off from his or her party and now operates alone, this person is said to be isolated. They have lost contact with others but are still likely to be completing their mission. If contact with the person isn't established soon and there is no information on their whereabouts, they will be classed as missing (usually after a period of 24 hours). If possible, a search will be carried out.

In some cases, an individual may have been imprisoned by the offensive side, although not in such a way that they will not be able to soon be granted release. In this case, the personnel member will be classed as being detained. If it is known the other side does not plan to release the individual and upon request refuses to, the person will be classed as captured. Efforts will be made to recover the person without compromising the position of others or the success of the mission at hand.

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