What Business Structures Do Sainsburys PLC And Tescos PLC Have? How Is Authority And Delegation Organised In The Companies? Where Can I Find SWOT And PESTel Analysis Of Them And Forecasts For Their Future?


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These companies are formulated, monitored and controlled by state business law that governs corporations or public limited companies.
Authority and delegation in these companies passed from top to middle and front line management according to their organizational structures.

For PEST and SWOT analysis of these companies you have to explore their product profile, target market, competitors, financial or capital standing, stock market position, various marketing efforts and main business strategies. Such details can enable you to find suitable material for business analysis.

Furthermore various magazines' profile listing, comparisons and studies can also give you some benefit in this regard. You may consult Fortune 500, Forbes, News Week, Economic Review for this purpose.
Authority and delegation is also related to line staff arrangement in the company. If a company has liberal line and staff policy, their employees will enjoy more freedom of decision-making and delegation is exercised effectively. You can also observe the line and staff relationship in these two companies to know more about SWOT and PEST contents.

You can also visit their websites and online stores for having more information about analysis contents. Customers, customers' feedback, data mining and short surveys can be some other effective methods of fetching good information about SWOT and PEST analysis.

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