If I Forgot My PIN Number To Claim Unemployment, Is There A Way To Look It Up?


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It probably won't be possible to find out the previously awarded unemployment PIN number you were given, although it would be prudent to double check that with your unemployment office. There also may be different procedures in place to recover or change your pin number depending on what state you currently reside in.

You can begin by trying to telephone the local unemployment office for advice, however, in some places this could mean being in a telephone queue for a long time. It may also be worth checking the unemployment office website for your state, there could be a frequently asked questions (FAQ) section that will answer your question. In order to locate your local website click on your particular state on the map feature on the website listed below.
It is likely that in most, if not all, cases you will be asked to visit your unemployment office in order to for your PIN to be reset and be assigned a new one. It is inconvenient for the claimant and is a relatively needless cost for the unemployment office to reissue PIN numbers, so when the new PIN has been received it could be useful to change the PIN number to something memorable (although you should not write it down) or by creating a mnemonic around the number so it won't be easily forgotten in future, for example the pin 2369 could be remembered by creating an image in your head of Michael Jordan slam dunking a basket on the Moon's surface, the lack of gravity on the moon allowing the jump leading to the dunk to be huge and more visually memorable.

If you're wondering how that image is relevant to the number mentioned; Michael Jordan was synonymous throughout his basketball career with the number 23 and 69 was the year Man walked on the Moon, but it's guaranteed the number 2369 won't be forgotten very quickly.
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I forgot my pin number for unemployment
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You will have to recontact the unemployment office on this one
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You will have to go to the unemployment office and tell them you want to change your pin number. They will let you do that if you forgot your number, but they will not tell you what your old number was. So your best bet is just change it to something you will remember.
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I am John j Harden I file for unemployment I forgot my pin number to call my claim in how can I get my number.
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Sad that some people are entering their social security numbers herein... But also - they do not really help with the question.  Good luck to all.

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