State The Advantages Of Traditional Media?


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Traditional media and new media development, several features  First, the emergence of new technologies is to promote the development of major changes in the media industry    With the new inventions and new technology applications, like the industrial revolution began, the media industry, is also accompanied by a revolutionary new technology, the emergence of new technologies and applications, only a major change. A brief review, we will notice, paper making, color printing technology, business rotary machines, radio, television, computer, Internet, etc. And the emergence of the invention, each time push forward the development of the media to accelerate the pace of the media revolution . The media from two-dimensional black and white color three-dimensional media to heavy media development, to the sound media, audio-video combination of media to multimedia, to the interactive network of multimedia development. Each type of new media appear, apply it to the reader or the audience and for a wide audience is a welcome time required to become shorter. From radio, to television, to the extensive use of the Internet you can see this trend, and this trend also includes a little bit, affecting more and more widely. As the adoption of new technologies, the network can affect the scope of the world, television is primarily a state, broadcasting is a local scale, while the books and periodicals to rely on the number printed on their own. This is the continuous development and progress of the media industry, a fundamental factor: New technology and application of new technologies, and the full application of the shorter, wider impact. But with the Industrial Revolution has a very different, then what is it?      Second, the media change, always towards the direction of diverse and rich    We know that the two industrial revolution, and each time the emergence of the industrial revolution, is always to subvert the previous production, mode of production has changed a lot, a lot of behind the product are also obsolete. Give an example of a near point, pager, also known as bb machine, now have a lot of people do not know why the materials, and in the nineties, it was just how popular ah. But the media industry, the biggest difference is that change every time the emergence of new media, always enriched the content of the media industry, so that the performance of the media have become more diverse and to be accepted is to expand the industrial chain of the media industry, expanded the media industry industrial scale, rather than a direct replacement for the previous forms of media. We can see, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet, emerging streaming media, etc., are each in their own areas of development, but basically showing upward trend. Although may be due to the emergence of new media, traditional media, reducing the share of share of advertising, but as the scale of the entire media industry continues to expand, the share of traditional media advertising, some absolute amount is still increasing every year, but growth slowing. At the same time, we will also find a very interesting phenomenon, that is to talk about the third point.      Third, new and old media always show the trend of competing    In the course of media development, whenever there are new media, the emergence of a variety of arguments always appear the same topic: The new media will replace the old media, old media will quit the stage of history. However, all these years, as technology advances, new media, more and more, we not only did not see the disappearance of traditional media, but more to see the new media and traditional media co-operation. They are a kind of competition and cooperation. For example, the emergence of television, print media practitioners have to feel threatened, thinking that the means of combining text and images would simply Ventura the end of the print media there, and proved, TV, including satellite TV development is only enrich people's lives, but also cultivate more interest in the media reader, and thus on the other hand contributed to the growth of print media, and in promoting a new sheet of paper media, such as radio and television around the time reported the emergence of voice-screen report and high-speed development, such as "the South Sound Screen newspaper" has a circulation of up to 10 million. The emergence of the network once again appeared in the traditional media, the voices of wolf, but the fact that once again proved that Internet media often still need to rely on print media to provide content. Internet media sometimes has become a print media to expand its influence and as a means of communication effects. Such as the U.S. Online magazine "Nerve" in the development to 2.8 million subscribers, many of the online readers have requested to see one off the assembly line of the "Nerve" magazine, so hard copy of the "Nerve" magazine in April 2005 appeared the first issue suddenly sold 5 million copies. And a variety of network and changing the law in publishing fiction books, will feel truly accepted by society and access to the real benefits, but also reflects this point. Therefore, the various types of media competing situation, rather than replace each other, at least in the past and a period of time will be maintained. There is also a competing make of this situation exists because of the following turn to the fourth aspects.      Fourth, the emergence of new media has shown more of the characteristics of monopolies and concentration of    Why? We can use our brains and search on memory, that you can appear in the mind the name of a variety of media. You may will find that the number of print media more than television stations, television stations than the number of websites, the number of sites more than the LCD TV advertisement media, media, the more new, less the number the higher the concentration, particularly with regard to high-tech applications . This shows what problems will arise, the more new media to enter the higher threshold, the mass of the new media's attention and trust in a more focused, new media themselves more competition, rather than with the old media competition. Web site has just begun to take off, when, how many sites there, and now also the rest of the familiar so few. LCD TV advertising that is segmented, it is estimated the future very difficult to have a new rival. Thus, relatively low barriers to entry of the old media it into the power of the parties would be more and more competition will become more fully as a whole will be stronger vitality.

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