What Is The Importance Of Human Behavior In Organization?


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Human behavior is important in an organization as it defines how people work together and interact with one another. A co-operative team with an established leader will produce better results than a group of people that have no guidance and don't know how to work with one another. Organizations spend time and effort in the human resources department ensuring human behavior in the workplace is appropriate and productive.

• Human behavior and the organization hierarchy

Human behavior is of crucial importance in the establishment of a hierarchy. Hierarchies are necessary in every kind of organization, from schools to companies to charities. Some homes even have a hierarchy established. Hierarchies allow workers in an organization to pursue similar objectives by working together. Leaders are needed to guide organization members through day-to-day tasks. Human behavior dictates the strongest will be highest in a hierarchy, as it is for those people organization members have the greatest respect. For instance, in a company, it will be those with the most work experience and highest standard of qualifications who gain high hierarchy positions.

• Human behavior and co-operation

Human behavior allows members of an organization to work together effectively. As people know the necessary way in which to interact with one another, they can communicate effectively and build good working relationships that allow organization objectives to be pursued with maximum effect. Sometimes it is necessary to influence and change human behavior in terms of cooperation. For instance, a few decades ago it was considered the norm for male colleagues to call female colleagues pet names such as 'love' and 'hun'. Nowadays, this is thought to be unprofessional and even derogatory. Any organization member who treats their colleagues in a way that is deemed inappropriate can face disciplinary procedures if they do not alter their behavior.
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Pls explain it more in context of organization and how it is central To the success in any cooperative effort ?

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