Can I Collect Unemployment While My Long Term Disability Is Under Review?


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Nothing beats a failure but a try,if you tell them the story they will let you know if you can or not.....Good Luck
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I think they will keep all government funding frozen until they've completed the review
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I'm no expert but I don't see why not if it is just applied for and not a known factor.  Laws vary from state to state on many of these issues.
One other concern is that normally you have to be ready, willing and able to accept employment, and you have to actively be seeking employment while you are receiving unemployment benefits (that has always been a requirement in my area).  You would probably have to sign a statement to that effect to apply for unemployment.  Maybe that is not a problem--I don't know your circumstances.
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Well I tried it and my employer considered the application to UE as a resignation. Now I am really up a creek. Now I don't have a job and my doctor is almost ready to release me to work. NOW WHAT?

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