Can I Collect Unemployment Social Security Disability?


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You don’t mention from whence you hail in order to collect unemployment social security disability and that can make a difference.

In the UK to claim unemployment benefit you must be fit to work and actively searching for a job, and be able to show on a regular basis what you are doing to secure employment.

You will be able to collect disability benefit only if you can show you are not able to work and so are not seeking a job.

However, it is possible to collect a disability allowance, and things like a disabled parking badge, while in employment.

These disability payments are meant to be graded as to the severity of the disability and steps are supposedly to be taken by the Government to tighten up a system that has been seriously abused over the years.

In the US different states apply their own individual criteria for collecting unemployment social security disability but in the main it is worked out in a similar nature to that of the UK in terms of what you are given in one hand you will lose from the other.

For example, in most parts of the US if you are unable to work due to a disability then it is unlikely that you would be able to claim unemployment benefit as you are meant to search for full-time employment in an active manner. That is covered by Social Security Administration’s disability programme.

But in, say, Illinois, you would be able to collect both unemployment and disability benefits due to the offset law which applies there, and other states such as Utah, Puerto Rica and Louisiana, where this applies as well.

This means if you being paid £150 disability allowance, your unemployment payment will be reduced by the same amount.
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I have been receiving unemployment since 3/09.  I applied for social security disability in 12/09 and on 4/23/10 I was notified that I have been granted ss disability.  Am I still eligible for unemployment.

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