Can You Get Fired While On Long Term Disability?


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Yes and especially if they find that you are doing something that you claim you can not do at work, other than that as long as you give them what they want, ie..a update from your doctor saying you are still unable to perform your job, you didn't know you are only as sick as you look to a employer,so do be on your P'S and Q'S when it comes to a job.....good luck to you...   
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I was out on short term disability from a fortune 500 firm.. I worked for them for 15 years.  I had letters from my Dr. That I was well.  They fired me anyway.

What can I do?
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Even if you got fired from your job,your social security disability benefits will not be garnished unless you have unpaid debts elsewhere
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You can get fired at just about anytime and for anything. If it is legal where you live and the legal ramifications may be different. An employer is not required to keep you on payroll when you are unable to work and they need work done, this is what unemployment and Workman's compensation insurance covers.

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