How To Know The Online Balance Enquiry Of My SB A/c In UCO Bank?


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Providing you have access to a computer that in turn has internet access, checking your UCO bank balance should be straightforward. You will have to register online with the bank first.

If you haven't registered before, visit the main UCO website, and look under 'personal banking'. There will be a number of questions regarding your bank account and your identity to answer, so have as much information ready with you, to save time.

Some of these questions will relate to maintaining security, so don't be surprised if you are asked some personal details, as these are matters only you will be able to answer, making your account secure against hacking.

Once all the details are complete, your bank may contact you by email to confirm is is you who is setting up online access for your account. Do not give your account number or passwords to anybody over the phone, even if they say they are from a bank!

If You Already Have Registered with UCO Online

Simply visit the UCO website and look for the e-banking button at the top right corner. Click on 'login' and you will be asked for your password and account number and perhaps one or two other details you have previously established with UCO (see above). You should then be able to check your bank balance.

If you have any queries, phone the UCO customer helpline on 1800 103 0123.

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