How To Write A Letter To Reactivate A Bank Account?


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You first need to decide which bank it was that the account was initially used with. Get in touch with that bank to start the process of reactivating the account. You will need the address of either Bank of America, Citi Bank, Wachovia or another bank. The account types that you can reactivate vary, too, meaning they could either be a savings account, checking account or even a joint account.
  • You then need to provide your contact information to the bank. In order for them to know who you are and do what you want them to do, they will need to know where you live and other basic details about you and your account. The bank uses your contact information to be able to open the account for you. So, start the letter by providing your name, your social security number, your date of birth and your home address. You then need to alert the bank to the easiest way of getting in touch with you during the day and during the evening, in case one of their employees wishes to speak to you about reactivating your account.
  • You of course need to state the intention of the letter and tell them what you need them to do and why you need them to do it. This will allow them to know precisely what you want them to do as well as knowing which account you are referring to.
  • You then need to address the letter and the envelope properly and mail the letter to the bank. The bank will then send you a form to sign as a response to your letter. This form will give them permission to reactivate the account for you.
  • You obviously just need to sign the letter that they send to you and return it. This will give the bank full clearance to go about opening the bank account for you, again.
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The Manager,
Indo- Zambia Bank Ltd
Kitwe Branch'

Dear Sir,
Re: Reactivation of current Account No. 31171438. Spruce Engineering Sales and Supplies Ltd.
Refer to the above captioned matter, we write to request your bank to kindly  reactivate our current account No. 31171438 ,which has been dormant   because of inactivity for sometime now. Our company has been reviewing its operations and we have so far entered into contracts with a number of entities, thus the need for us to have a running account with a reliable bank.
We would be very grateful if this matter would be attended to at your earliest convinience.

Yours Faithfully,
Spruce Engineering Sales & Supplies Ltd.
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Please tell me how to write an application for reactive bank account
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Bank account reactivate
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Bank account reactive

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