How to know my savings balance online?


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  • To check your saving balance online you must have set up internet banking. To set up internet banking you can either do it online or in your local branch. If you are unsure about using the internet, it is probably best to set it up in store as the staff at your bank can show you how to use it. It is relatively simple so if you are comfortable using the internet then you should be able to set it up yourself no problem.
Begin by going to the website of your bank. If you are unsure how to find this, type the name of your bank into a search engine and it will probably be the top result. Each bank is different so logging it will vary from bank to bank. You will be asked some security questions, you may need to actually call the bank and you may be asked to provide a series of numbers for a security code. You will be asked to enter this code every time you log in so make sure it is memorable but do not write it down. Do not use your date of birth because this is too obvious and would be easy for someone to guess. Most banks will then send you a log in code or even a digital code calculator in the post. This is to make sure it is as secure as possible and once it arrives in the mail you can log on safely.

When logging on to your internet banking using a wireless internet connection, make sure it is a secure network. This means it must be password protected so no one can hack into it.

Once you have logged on you will be directed to a pay which has all the information regarding all of your accounts within the bank. There will usually be a savings account, a current account, possibly a credit card account, maybe a long term savings account and there will also be details of joint accounts.

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