Is Tesco Meeting Their Aims and Objectives?


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The increasing popularity and constant expansion of the Tesco brand suggests that, as a company, it is successfully meeting its aims and objectives. Some of Tesco's main aims and objectives will be competitive prices, value for money, getting returns on an investment and meeting consumer needs. In Tesco's mission statement they say that their main focus is to retain loyal people. They are trying to meet this statement through the introduction of their loyalty card that offers members exclusive vouchers, money off and offers.

The main aims and objectives of the brand are similar to those of any retail businesses. None of the objectives will work without another and they blend to help create an ideal that employees of the company should aspire to fulfil. As the supermarket business continues to change and expand, Tesco has had to change its aims and objectives slightly to ensure that they're new target they want to meet is relevant and up to date. Some of the main factors that could lead to Tesco's aims and objectives being changed include; the internet, competition, diversification and going multinational. The popularity of the internet means that any company hoping to promote themselves and expand needs to have a website. In this example Tesco will have had to change their objectives from finding ways to promote stores locally to promoting them across the country for home delivery. Competition has a strong impact on the objectives of a company when the aim changes from making a large profit to making just enough profit but undercutting rivals. By diversifying the company from just selling food to selling everything from pet insurance to cameras, Tesco has changed some of its aims and objectives to meet this focus on products other than food. Meeting its aims and objectives within the United Kingdom means that Tesco has been able to consider expanding in a multinational way. This shifts the focus from it being a leading company in the UK to a leading company in the world.

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