Where Can I Fnd My 401k Through Marriott?


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If you are looking for your 401k through Marriott, it is likely you already have paperwork at home. You may have been sent out details of the pension plan along with your pay packet each month or along with your payslips. Have a look for this and you will probably find important contact details on your letters and other correspondence.

Perhaps you have misplaced paperwork and cannot find any other documentation at home? Under these circumstances, there are some other things you have do to locate the information you need:

• In the first instance, ask your line manager if they have any contact details for the team dealing with the pension and retirement plans.

• The HR department may also be a good port of call as they would play a part in signing employees up for the 401k plan. If you cannot find a telephone number or email address for the department, have a look at their website: http://www.marriott.com/corporate-social-responsibility/corporate-responsibility.mi

• As an employee you are very likely to have access to the company intranet. Once logged on you will be able to find resources and documents for reference and information so you may well find details about the pension plans. If you are away from the office or cannot access the intranet, you could also log on to the extranet using your personal log in details: https://extranet.marriott.com/hrsso/Hotel

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