How Much Would A Monthly Repayment Be On A 150,000 Mortgage Be?


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It depends on the mortgage rate that you have.if you have average %5.5 rate you will be paying $687.50 for K150 .But you should add insurance and tax top of this amount for the total monthly payment...
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It depends on a number of variables, such as the current mortgage interest rate that you are able to get from your bank, and the length of the amortization period you need (number of years you need to repay the mortgage). You can use the mortgage calculator at to input these variables as they apply to your particular situation, as well as other variables, and it will calculate your payment.

Just in case you aren't aware, opting to pay weekly payments rather than monthly will help you decrease the amount of interest you pay, thus allowing you to pay off your mortgage sooner. As well, there are so many different kinds of mortgages. Some are called "open mortgages" ... In these types of mortgages you pay a higher interest rate but you can increase your payment or put a lump sum on at any time without penalty. Some mortgages are what I think of as "semi-open" ... In these, and there are several varieties, you can increase an individual payment if you want, perhaps make a lump sum payment once a year and so on, and these can have various "rules" around them. For example you might only be allowed to increase your payment once or twice a year, or only up to a certain dollar amount.

There are many choices out there. The best advice I can give you is talk to a reputable banker who can lay out all the options for you. Samantha-jane
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Well my friend is suppose to start paying 1300 dollars a month for 30 years here shortly ,he just moved into his first house ever...

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