Can I Cash Out My 401K If I Am Fired?


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Whether you can cash your 401k if you are dismissed from your job depends on a number of factors. The company you worked for may have put policies in place when the 401k was set up. Normally, though the 401k can be cashed if any of the following have occurred:
• When you leave your job of your own accord
This is the ideal way to leave a job, because it is your choice. Leaving your job of your own accord enables you to cash in the 401k and this can be beneficial, as you will have a good size nest egg to fall back on. If you are at retirement age, this is obviously great, but if you just want to fill in a bit of time before starting a new job, this can also be beneficial.
• If you become disabled
If this was to happen, then obviously the jobs you are capable of doing will be limited, so you may need to leave your job because of this, and the money you will receive will be a help with no income from employment coming in.
• If you die
The money will go to the next of kin if this happens, and this will be some sort of comfort during a difficult time. They will be able to use the money to pay off outstanding debts, which could include mortgage payments.
• If you are suffering a hardship
You may need money to pay for medical expenses that you can't afford, and this makes the fact that you can withdraw some of the money to pay for these a good point. The money can only be withdrawn in special circumstances in these cases, and they normally have to be an emergency.
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How often do they process the payroll? If they do it weekly it's obvious they are giving an excuse. Usually a company contracts with a financial provider to manage the 401k and someone at your employer acts as the liaison, but I've never heard of it being tied to payroll scheduling before. Try contacting the financial company in charge of the 401k and if that doesn't work contact the labor board for your state and see if they will help you get what is due you.
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Look for a job and find a new one right away.  Start making your payments so you don't get behind or they will come after you and start to bother others you know.  Also, maybe you can make special payment arrangements you can at least try.  Good luck.
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Actually what happens is if you don't claim it, they may send it to you to clear their books. Or it could be listed later as unclaimed money. You could search your name to see if you have any unclaimed money any where, there are some sites that do this on the web. Normally though they will send it to you. I suggest calling them and claim it if you know there is money there.
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Very simple, you will be billed and must be paid in terms like any other loan. They CANNOT deduct the money you owe from any monies owed to you.
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I don't know who these other people are investing with but when you borrow against your 401k, you make payments back to yourself with interest. If you get fired and don't roll your balance into an IRA or other plan, come taxe time, you will have to pay the taxes on what you were given. If you close your account they'll withhold 20% for taxes, you'll be fined 10% for closing the account. The smart thing to do is call the plan you were on and see about making payments until you enroll into another plan. Its your money and no one will bother you except uncle SAM the following tax year cause he wants his cut.

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