The Types Of Information And Advice And Support You May Be Asked To Provide During Meetings?


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It is difficult to provide an accurate answer; due to the lack of information you have provided about the type of meetings you are talking about. Meetings come in many forms and the way people interact and conduct themselves is very dependent on the kind of meeting it is and how formal it may be.

Some of the most common type of meetings are as follows:

• Staff meeting - consisting of the boss and their staff
• Board meeting - consisting of heads of departments and shareholders
• Teacher/parent meeting
• Team meeting
• Political meeting

In most meetings you will find someone chairs the meeting and so is deemed to be in charge of events and the schedule. Therefore, many of the other members of the meeting will be excepted to be told when they are required to speak and give their opinions and input on a certain issue raised. If everyone talked at once then it would become very confusing and many important points could get lost in the noise.

If it is a parent and teacher meeting then again the teacher will be seen to be in charge of the exchanges as they hold the most information about the topic - which in this case is the child's academic performance. The parent will usually listen first to what the teacher has to say and answer any queries they may have.

There are some meetings with less of a hierarchy such as a sports team meeting just between members of the team. However, there is still usually a captain who may take control. All meetings need to be controlled if they are to be useful and so you should be expected to know when to speak and when to listen.

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