What Are Some Sample Interview Questions For Cabin Crew/airlines?


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There are a huge variety of questions you may be asked but it is likely they may include some of these:  ‘What are the strengths that make you a suitable candidate?’ Do not be afraid to highlight all of your qualities and it is a good idea to list all of these before the interview because it is extremely likely you will be asked a question similar to this.  ‘Can you tell us some of your weaknesses?’,  ‘Have there been situations when you have lost your temper?’ It is likely you will be asked a question like this and it is a good idea not to go into too much detail if you easily lose your temper.

It is a good idea to show a little example and then say how you overcame this situation which resulted in a happy and satisfied customer.  ‘How would you define good and bad customer service in the airline sector? Can you give examples of both?’ This is another question that is very likely to come up and it would be a good idea to jot down some notes and think about this before the exam so you are prepared to give a clear, concise answer that is well presented and well thought out.

When being interviewed for a position as a member of the cabin crew or a flight attendant it is important to show your passion and enthusiasm for the job. The interviewers will be looking for patience, good communication skills, perseverance to excel, and keeping calm in emergency situations so you must ensure that they realise you have all of these skills.  Never lie during an interview as it is usually obvious when people are ‘stretching the truth’, but make sure you highlight all of you best qualities and any experience you have which can benefit you and make you a possible candidate for the position.
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1. My ability to work under pressure, leadership skills and my positive attitude. 2. I believe I am actually not weak in any area, but I have to improve my attitude of trying to do too much. For an example: Blah blah blah.. 3. No, but the the key to handle it is to understand the customers' situation and being professional all the time. 4. Good customer service means the abilities to make the customers' satisfaction as their priority and being able to overcome any situation wisely to reflect the airlines' symbol of warmth, grace and courteous. Bad customer service means they don't understand or care enough of the customers' hospitality and handle situations by showing their temper.
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-> I have a very Cool & dignified attitude that strengthens me allot...  & to win the hearts of people.
--> The biggest weakness of mine is that I admit a person as he will be good at me every time but the truth is "the World believes in Prediction".
--> Yes I have an occurrence of this situation it is when somebody cheats me.
--> I define a good  customer when S/He knows the appropriate rules of airlines sector then he wont turn as a arguing person & I defines a bad customer when s/he predicts as he is a good customer.
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I'm an ambitious girl who interested in Aviation industry,
•I’m a hard worker ,responsible, have good service ,confident , rational thinking ,motivation ,helping mentality, dependable in an emergency , can think for myself & am not afraid to try new things these are my strengths & not everyone ends up realising their dreams but preparing early in life helps so , I believe I have an ability to deal with different types of people with my confident and polite nature.
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Im an extrovert person. Im a service minded person. Not only this cabin crew job is an adventurous job. So i have a passion in joining in this industry. I can tackle things which would happen.
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The attitude is good. But people cannot always be beliving others with prediction.
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I believe with trying leads to innovation.  Hence I believe given the opportunity, I will be able not only to market my potentialities but also help the flight company achieve greater heights in their service delivery. My only weakness is that I cannot afford to refuse any one any help which he or she needs urgently.
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Many of the questions asked in an interview for a cabin crew position are similar to questions you would be asked in interviews for most other positions. You should be prepared to answer questions about your major strengths and weaknesses, whether you are patient or not, and your views on customer service. Providing a good answer to the question on your level of patience and temper management can be crucial in an interview for any font-line position with an airline.

If a group of applicants have been called in for an interview at the same time, some airlines will have the job applicants take turns speaking in front of the others in the group. This can help determine one's public speaking skills.

Some airlines will also ask you to complete a short written test during the interview process. These will usually be multiple-choice and will focus on issues relating to customer service.

It is also very important to arrive to the interview neatly dressed and well groomed. This is key in order to set a good first impression for any job, but is especially true for cabin crew positions, where appearance and personal hygiene are important components of the job.
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ANS:-1 The fact that I have years of experience in this field and because I am a team player I believe that my working for you will be beneficial to both of us.
Sometimes in an Interview you have to be a bit bold, not saucy, but bold because Employers are looking for leaders to mould into management positions should the employee stay with them long enough to be promoted. It all depends on you.
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1.I'm patient, responsible and have a good service.
2.I love hang out untill midnight, because I never have a fight before.
4.the good customer service is helping them with all you can do and be polite in every service to them never get a temper and have a patient because customer always right. The bad service is you not been helping in any customer need and always think that customer is not right.
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1.  I was trained hard which gives me confidence.
2. Feels bad when done something wrong
3. Yes, I just smiled and leaved
4. Good customer service is when customer said you have done a good job while bad customer service is when customer said you have done poor job
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1 . I am a good listener , dependable in an emergency , can think for myself and am not afraid to try new things .
2 . I am too bright and breezy early on a morning , sometimes others simply cannot be bothered to function but I am up and raring to go
3 . No I try to take control of a situation when it could end in such an event , I tend to try and calm the whole situation to avoid any heated tension
4 . Good customer service would be recognizing when someone could do with some assistance etc an elderly person who has a stick to lean on needing there bag from an overhead locker , getting it for them to save them having to get up , and bad would be wearing a false smile , speaking to a customer regardless of how they spoke to you in an abrupt manner

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