What Is The Importance Of Business Report?


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A Business Report helps in systemic presentation and analysis of some specific aspect of Business activity.
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Business report bears information about the concluding stuff regarding business. It is important in many regards because it is an epilogue which can be explored at ease. It is of importance according to people. It may be more important for financier and other people while it would be unimportant for employees. It may have detailed information regarding ups and downs of business. It may help to produce a record of the previous years. It may be helpful in finding out the high and low grades in a business in previous many years.
They usually are concerned with major lines of business. They may have detailed information regarding financial record of business. This would be required by a businessman all the time. It is good to make copies of this report to send it to investors. It would be an easy and quick help for him. He may know the previous picture of the business. He may know that how much he is putting and how much he needs to put in.
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Report has a great importance in the growth and development of any management.
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Before I try to comprehend the great importance of the business reports, I try to conceive a reasonably accurate concept of what a business report really is. It is "a very useful tool, an instrument of managerial control". This is inaccurate description of a business report though. To put it simply, a business report may be explained as a social kind of information, on which a man in authority may take a decision. The management engages the services of well qualified and experienced persons to write reports on the problem. They write these reports by conducting surveys, investigating the matter thoroughly and submitting there findings along with their recommendations or suggestions.
The management always likes to rely on them and accept their recommendations and suggestions if they are found workable as well as profitable. Thus the report plays the great role in the planning and organization of the business house. But it is not the planning and organization of the business alone which come under the review of a report; it is the whole of business which benefits by it. When the industry is to be expanded, scores of reports have to be prepared and gone through before the board of directors can arrive at a safe decision. Often, even the routine direction of administrative and manufacturing units; require the assistance of reports whenever serious problems crop up.
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A well written business report can help avoid semantic and perception barriers. A well written business report eliminates the possibility of misunderstanding and misinterpretation. In writing messages, it is necessary to be precise, making the meaning as clear as possible so that it accomplishes the desired purpose. The language used should be simple, as it will be lost if the words used are complex and do not lend to clear single meaning. Vagueness destroys accuracy which leads to misunderstanding of the meaning or intent of the message. Accordingly be specific and to the point.

There is great importance of timing in Business communication. The communication should not only be timely so that the decisions and actions can be taken in time and when necessary but also the timing of the message and the environment setting in which the message is delivered and received is equally important. An important message delivered at he wrong time or in a non-conducive environment may lose its effectiveness.
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Business Report has a main key role in the market research. From the Business Reports, we can improve our business in the market. Business Report is the creative analysis and gives us an analytical report for future enhancement.

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Facilitates future decision making process and help top management to make decisions and also the impact of those decisions in future

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