Of all your heroes, which one would you most like to meet and what's the first question you'd ask them?


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Dan Banks Profile
Dan Banks answered

I'd love to meet Thom Yorke from Radiohead. The first question I'd have to ask him would be, "How on earth did you manage to write Paranoid Android?"

The complexity and depth of that song has always blown my mind, and I have no idea how such a fractured and irreglar song flows so beautifully and naturally. Failing that i'd ask him for his autograph! Ha.

Yo Kass Profile
Yo Kass answered

Tough question Steve. I guess the answer to this is constantly changing, as my interests and influences change.

If you had asked a 10 year old me this, I'd have probably said The Undertaker - although I'm not really sure what I'd have asked him!

If you'd asked me as a teenager, it'd probably have been Marilyn Manson and his bass player Twiggy Ramirez (so, kind of the same look... But outside the wrestling ring).

After seeing him in concert (and having kindled hopes of meeting him backstage) I've had a list of questions prepared for him for some time now.

They're mainly about how would I get a slot opening for him tour, but I'm also interested in knowing what happened to all the former bandmates that either got kicked out of the band or left of their own accord.

I'd also ask him about his vocal effects, as I've tried recording similar style music, and have struggled to recreate the same combination of delay, distortion and layering that most of his records use.

Nowadays though, I don't really feel like I have many "heroes" as such. I learn stuff and look up to people in my everyday life really - so the closest I come to meeting my heroes these days is on a Google hangout with the VP of Community for Hootsuite or something like that...

Jonathan Dyson Profile
Jonathan Dyson answered

would most want to meet the guys in Enter Shikari.

I’ve always enjoyed
their music and think the music they make is amazing. I would ask them
where they get most of their inspiration and ideas for the the more
experimental songs and albums, and what thought process they go through
when developing their music.

Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered

I gave up having hero's when I was 8. My last hero was my dad. Now the best thing that has happened to our relationship is that he retired and moved 1000 miles away. We get along much better that way. Since then i have never found anyone worth having as a hero. There is no celebrity that I want to meet or have a autograph from. Wow! Now I am starting to feel bad that I answered the question.

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