What are your thoughts about those who claim other peoples children as their own strictly for the tax return? It really pisses me off. I work all year and get back 2-3 k while these ass's do nothing, claim some kids and get back over 8k. Is thisFraud


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I don't understand that either. My man works all yr but since he doesnt have a Ssn he can't claim them at all! You would think they would ask the people for proof if they're the childrens parents or not.
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Sure its fraud but IRS is suppposed to be set up to catch this and every year theyre getting worse so maybe we should do away with IRS now until they fix their system. Its just amazing how a guy can file for so many years with no kids and then all of a sudden file a year with 10 kids and doesnt raise any red flags. Our Government is in dire need of a very serious overhaul and now
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I know it's not what you want to hear,but it depends on how many kids they do claim and if they are actually using the money or not to take care of the kids they claim. So even if they work part time they may or may not be just doing it for the monies they collect. Also if they did not do it it in the best sense of the meaning then who would. Only certain people are cut out to take care of children who are not theirs, while doing it for life. In other words some people actually operate a sort of halfway house for children who are in the system, but not old enough to age out of the system while getting aid from the government. So the people claiming the money are actually operating if you will a home for children to grow up while teaching them how to take care of themselves, plus go to school. They become their shall we say adopted family along with all the other kids at the house/home/complex(a many roomed housing complex) which lets the older kids operate as young adults to help them grow up and take care of their own monies while giving a share to pay the complex's bills the same as if they were living alone as they age out of the home. Just saying, yes their may be some abusing of the system, but there are also others who do it becasue at one time they were just like the kids coming through their home/s. So I guess it depends on if you are referring to everyone when you say what you said in your question or if you do as the old saying goes- actually walked a mile in their shoes/know what they do day to day in order to take care of the kids they have living in their home while only seeing a small glimpse of their life. So in truth you don't know if these people are just doing it for a paycheck or if they are there to raise the next generation of adults who are down on their luck if you will. Besides if you really thought they were doing this and had proof you could report them to the authorities and the kids would be removed and put into another home. This is sadly to say how the system works.

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