If I gave you $1 000 000, what would you do with it?


7 Answers

rhyme rhodes Profile
rhyme rhodes answered
Save da poor en needy, giv shelter en food en sumthin 2 raise theyr hopes!
Duane Bryant Profile
Duane Bryant answered
1.  Go to a tax professional to see how much the government is going to take away.  2.  Invest 1/2 of remainder and use income for charitable purposes.  3.  Invest in tax free mutual bonds for my self. 4.  Buy equipment and tools to fix up home & property.
Zeke Zepplin Profile
Zeke Zepplin answered
Get u a present lots of presents and some stuff for me and some to the charity
Michelle Mondragon Profile
Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
I would give it all away.
And if I was still left in poverty, clinging to a cardboard box and freezing in the cold... Well, I would still have the memory of enriching others lives, and that would make it all well worth it.

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