I made 45,000 this year and have 2 dependents how much should I be getting back in Tax?


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Working out how much tax you need to pay can be a pain in the backside, and unfortunately it can get a little more complex than an % of income you earn - dependance allowance.

If you're looking for a general estimate, then I'd suggest using one of those Paycheck Calculators like the one here:

Alternatively, if your tax returns are mega complex, you may want to consider hiring an accountant to help you out. They can make a painful job a lot less stressful, so it's often worth it!

This is especially true if you are self-employed, as there are very often deductibles that you would have never considered before!
For example, you could pay $500 to your accountant, and they might come up with an additional $4000 you could claim back for various expenses. They are insanely clever like that!

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