As A Branch Manager, I Need A Welcome Speech. Can You Help?


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Penny Kay answered
Banks are judged by investments & profits. To me, monetary statistics are, an accurate forecast of the Banks investment in its People. Successful Companies are nothing more than the sum total of its Successful Employees. Where do we find Successful Employees?, we find them where we put our most valuable investment of resources. You/These Employees have risen from the ranks of the merely competent, to the Esteemed rolls of the Totally successful. You have proven by... To be the very best investments this Bank could have made..... I can not quite express the excitement that I feel ...the opportunity of working with and for, such motivated, and qualified....people. I consider it an honor and a privilege... So please accept my heartfelt Welcome, and my invitation to join with me in...overcoming whatever obstacles to we.....together.

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