How To Write A Letter To The Bank Manager To Change The Name Of Account-holder?


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Writing a letter to bank no matter which type it is, is quite simple. Firstly address it to the manager of the bank who's name you should be able to find on any statement or letters you have received from them if not simply write Dear Manger of (bank name). Then you need to write exactly what you want to do such as in this case change the name of the account holder. This is a common event after people get married and change their surnames to that of their partners. So it should be an easy thing to be sorted out and done. To finish your letter simply write 'yours sincerely (your name)'. Though writing a letter may allow you to get this done it is always best to go into your banks personally and get it done while you are there.  
A bank is a financial institution that serves as a financial intermediary. The term 'bank' may refer to one of several related types of entities:
A central bank circulates money on behalf of a government and acts as its monetary authority by implementing monetary policy, which regulates the money supply.
A commercial bank accepts deposits and pools those funds to provide credit, either directly by lending, or indirectly by investing through the capital markets. Within the global financial markets, these institutions connect market participants with capital deficits, borrowers, to market participants with capital surpluses, investors and lenders, by transferring funds from those parties who have surplus funds to invest, financial assets, to those parties who borrow funds to invest in real assets.
A savings bank known as a building society in the United Kingdom is similar to a savings and loan association. They can either be stockholder owned or mutually owned, in which case they are permitted to only borrow from members of the financial cooperative. The asset structure of savings banks and savings and loan associations is similar, with residential mortgage loans providing the principal assets of the institution's portfolio.
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I have an account in sbi. While opening the account  my surname was x. After my marrage my surname was changed. Before marrage I took LIC. From LIC I got a cheque in the surname of x. So I want to give a latter to bank. Kindly guide me hot to write a latter to the manager of sbi.

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