You Are A Manager In A Large, Global Manufacturing And Services Organization. You're Trying To Explain To Your Grandfather How Different Your Job Is From His Before He Retired Ten Years Ago. You Both Know How Society Has Changed And You Want To Expla?


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Why globalization is necessary, for the economy to grow it also helps reduce the poverty level in the country. There are lot of advantages for example, employment, infrastructure development, tourism, foreign exchange are just a few. Even America would be nowhere if globalization was an imaginary concept never put forward. Half the world's countries would be reeling in depression right now if not for globalization. For examples, petroleum, most countries are on the verge of depleting their entire reserves and some countries don't have it at all. Seeing this if not for globalization the entire world would be left crippled due to the massive energy crisis facing them. While globalization is necessary it is not sufficient to ensure communities gain from globalization.

Ten years ago the technology was not as advanced like it is now, the qualification for a job now a day’s requires you to have a collage degree to move forward. People also had better job available to them with so little education. Back ten years ago they did not have the problem finding jobs. Now a day’s we have difficulties finding a minimum wage job, even with the qualification. Since it’s so hard to find jobs now a day’s people have the tendency to be loyal to their employers and work together to get the job done. With what I have experienced in the change over the past ten years is how the introduction of the internet, wireless technology and freer radio broadcasts has vastly expanded communications and information. How widely the internet is available now. E- Mail and text messaging usage is soaring, and how wireless telephones are growing very rapidly. Even the availability of satellite television, that provides a wide range of channels and services by satellite. Also how the high definition in video games, movies, and television has changed with demand to advanced technology.

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