Does Advertising Affect Human Life?


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Advertising very much affects our lives both negatively and positively.  In the positive may be informative and help us find items or locations we have thought of contacting, such as informative commercials given by cancer society, your government, items you need to purchase and good idea what you need, on the other hand, I find discretion is extremely lacking in advertising showing things which should not be viewed by small children.  As well, the pushing of prescription drugs, sure, contact your doctor, but many doctors are not thorough and you may start taking medications you don't really need. We are bombarded with advertising everyday, even on this site, tons of adds, some will be viruses getting into your pc, too much advertising can slow pc down.  So there are pros and cons, for the businessman, he is the one who benefits the most from advertising, but for us, sometimes seeing an add will make us purchase an item at checkout counters which is a total waste of money and we could easily do without
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I believe humans are affecting advertisings. Humans created advertisings and humans are exposing them. Advertising is not just a description of a product now, but a lifestyle. Nobody can live without advertising because we all used to see or hear things that they have a price. We love to buy, to sell or to promote. We must take a look at real life and not the visual. We must get involve more with life and not with the products. Adnertising will make us hopeless, less sensitive and less HUMANS

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