I Need A Copy Of My Federal Tax Exemption Number Given For 501(c)3 Non Profit Organizations, Not The EIN, How I Can Get A Copy?


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Individuals are entitled to claim a personal exemption for themselves and any dependents they support. The personal exemption acts just like a tax deduction: It reduces your taxable income, so you end up pay taxes on less income. The personal exemption amount is indexed annually for inflation.

For tax year 2011, the personal exemption amount is $3,700. To apply for federal tax exemption you must visit the IRS.gov website where you will be able to fill out a form.        

To apply for recognition by the IRS of exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Code, use Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption. There are detailed instructions online detailing how to fill out the form. The application must be complete and accompanied by the appropriate user fee. There is a step-by-step review of what an organization needs to know and to do in order to apply for recognition by the IRS of tax-exempt status. Frequently asked questions about applying for exemption generally, and Form 1023 specifically, are also available. There is even an online mini-course which can help and make the process as simple as possible.               

If you have already applied for you tax exemption number and have lost or misplaced it, then it is possible to receive another copy simply by clicking on the ‘Contact IRS’ link at the top of their website. There are a variety of ways you can contact them depending on your reason for contacting them and where you are based.  You can call them, email them or send a letter in the post and they hopefully reply with your tax exemption number.
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Dear! You must contact with the CRO, As the CRO will allot the number which the organizations used for the purchases which certifies tax exemption, and if you have lost then visit the CRO as soon as possible. CRO is the companies registration office.

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