How Do You Obtain A Duplicate Copy Of A Lost Federal Tax Id Number?


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If you have lost or misplaced your Federal Tax Id Number, contact the IRS to obtain a replacement. A Federal Tax Id Number or Employee Identification Number (EIN) as it is also referred as, is issued to you by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and consists of nine numbers. You need to have an EIN number if you own your own business and/or have employees working within it, if your business is registered as a partnership or a corporation, or your business is involved with certain organisations (profit or non) like trusts, farm cooperatives or estates. The following are ways you can go about replacing your EIN: 1) Try to locate the letter that was sent to you by the IRS when you applied for your EIN. This notice should have your EIN on it and is also conformation of your application. It is best to keep this letter in a safe place where you won’t lose it. 2) If you have used your EIN in other official documents, such as an application for a drivers licence or bank account, try consulting your local motor vehicle branch, or bank institution. 3) Check with your employer or business partners, as they should have the EIN in their files. 4) Contact the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line and explain that you need to obtain your EIN. A representative will need you to verify your identity, so be prepared to answer a few questions. If you yourself cannot contact the IRS, an authorised person you have previously appointed may act in your place. The authorised person may be someone such as a partner, an estate executor, or a trustee. You can contact the IRS Business and Specialty Tax Line Monday to Friday on (800) 829-4933. Hours of operation are from 7am to 10pm.
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If you call the IRS,they will fax a copy to right away.Or if you want they will mail it but it takes about 2 weeks
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I received my ein number las year and I can not find my copy and I need it to file my taxes how can I get a copy sent to my e-mail
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The answer above is pretty pitiful. It would have been nice to have been given a location to go for this. Go to for the answer.
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A federal tax number is also known as an Employer Identification Number or EIN. You can get it through the internet or by contacting the nearest IRS office as they are the authority who issues these tax ID numbers. They are also known as Employer Identification Number and are necessary for most of the businesses. In case you lose it or misplace it then you would have to search out the original notice issued to you by the IRS.

Then inform about the loss of the deferral tax ID number to the IRS through their website or by calling their hotline number. They would search for the number and contact you if they get it back. It is also up to them to issue a duplicate federal tax ID card. You may have to fulfil certain obligations before you are issued a duplicate copy of your federal tax ID card number.
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I got my EIN # when I lived in GA. I'm now in NC. Can I still use the same EIN # being that it's the same business?
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I filed for a tax id in ga moved and misplaced it when I got to texas how can I get a copy
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Hi friends,
I want to register for yahoo publisher network but they are asking for valid TIN(tax identification number) and I don't have that can any one please give me his TIN so I can register there and also be paying minimum $4000 tax yearly on your id so you will not need to pay any.

Thanks for reading.
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Good luck with the IRS.  I called and they were rude and said "A lot of people are doing innapropriate things with their EIN numbers.  This isn't a good way to busines."  They didn;t take enough information to look up the account and wouldn't tell me over the phone the number and hung up rather abruptly.  If you have never used your EIN I would just suggest applying for a new one.  Your government is cranky!

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