Will 2010 Bring Ssi Disability Check Raise?


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Will there be a raise for people on disability in 2010
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Our ssi disability check is not raising but we will be receiving a stimulus check in the amount of two hundred and fifty dollars by the end of March.
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My Check actually went down over $100. Thanks Obama.. Thanks.
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Yes. It raises every year due to rise in cost of living. And 2010 will be no different. It usually raises somewhere around 5%. I hope this helps
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I'v been reciving disability senece I was 18 years old and now I am 34 years old . I only reciave $698 month in the state of texas and returning to michigan state . The cost of liveing and needs is much higher than that so what can I do . All these new comeings joining ssi for disability get nearly $2000 or more why not me ? What can I do to change my incomer from disability . I need money to even live . For me to make it off that much you have to only pay $200 month for rent and the cost of food and gas to . No one will rent for $200 monthly cost exspecialy to get my own place .
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No, there is no cost of living allowance (COLA) for 2010. Your checks will stay the same of even go down because of other changes.

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