Applied for SSI benefits around last december Got letter in the mail stating I am legally disabled about a month later Several months later no SSI benefits Told me they are still decided How long will this process take?


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I read an article a while back on Yahoo news that S.S. Is so far behind in their disability claims that so many people are waiting for over a year to receive any benefits. You can call them and wait or they will put you on a wait list and call you back but the best way is to make an account on their site. All your case info and grants and amounts you'll be paid will come up there.

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If you can .. Go to your local SS office and talk to them in person.  We have no idea how long your process will take.

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Reasonable reasons to believe*
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I can't report her or anything because, they will ask her about my accusations wether i tell them not to or not and take her word for whatever she tells them then dismiss it without further investigations like always. She just tells them I'm lying or hallucinating (I'm schizophrenic) and they believe her. Even if you don't believe me for what every reason seems logical to you don't you think they should atleast investigate it farther then asking her a couple questions then believing whatever she says?
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For example; I tell my therapist, counselors, etc that my Mother use to abuse me when I was a child and still does but instead of physically she does it verbally. So, they go ask my Mom about it. As a decieving, wolf in sheep clothing, does anything to protect her image person she is she denies everything and feeds them tons of lies and inaccurate information about me and my accusations and of course as politicly correct, professional, very intelligent people they are they take her word for everything and dismiss me as crazy and delusinal. Can't they open her file from like 2000-2006 and see CPS recieved 100s of reports saying she has no food in the house, she left her children (all under 10) home alone or with a unqualified baby sitter. Or the reports about her baby falling out the window because he was left unsuporvised, I missed months of school for no good, reasonable reason, her children being physically abused, etc. and see shes lying so MAYBE im telling the truth? I guess I'm just crazy.

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