Does A Non For Profit Organization Fill Out A W9?


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Completing a W9 form is for individuals and contractors and not for a charity or non profit making organization. Filling out the form is for an individual or business and not to be confused with a receipt.

  • Responsibility

Each individual and business is responsible for their own tax issues, unless it is an accountant or agreed professional, no-one else should be involved in completing this type of form. If you are involved in a fund raising event it is only your job to raise the money, the individuals or businesses that attend or sponsor the event are responsible for their own tax affairs.

  • Expenses

Most businesses will be able to claim for attending a charity event on their tax return. This can be covered in two areas as a straight donation to the charity or as a reward or entertaining employees, customers or potential customers. The regulations and allowances for these sort of expenses are laid out clearly in the tax forms with more details available online or by telephoning your tax office.

  • Non-profit

Non-profit organizations, like charities, have to complete tax returns and keep detailed records of their expenditure. There are guidelines on what expenses are allowable and what aren't as well as explanations. These can be found with your tax guidance forms and can be checked out online or in person with your tax authorities.

These rules are strictly adhered to, to ensure that no individual or group is abusing their status and using a charity as a front for their own pleasures. None profit and charitable organizations have got different status; ensure that the venture that you are involved with is complying with the correct set of regulations.
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I'm not sure but you can ask the people that do taxes or just call a company that deals with non profit organizations and they should be able to provide the answers.

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