Is Google Ad Sense even worth using?


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Cristea George Cristian , From someone who depends on online income., answered

From my experience AdSense alone is not worth it. Your account can get banned/disabled and you can have problems with traffic when Google changes algorithms, so it's risky just with AdSense.
I use multiple income streams, here's a good article.
And I follow Nerdy Nomad's income reports for inspiration.

I don't like to depend on something/someone when it comes to money, e.g. :

1. Search Engines (for traffic).
I like to benefit from search engines and build a newsletter, a community, fans, a little "brand" (multiple ways to get traffic). All these come in handy when search engines let me down. 

2. A single ad network or a single imcome stream.
I use multiple income streams to minimize risk because I'm not employed and I depend on online income. Multiple income streams are for me like hooks. If one hook falls off, I have 11 hooks left, and they give my time to repair the 12th hook.

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You can use Adsense but I wouldn't totally rely on it. There are many other Adsense alternatives that you can use. I don't believe in putting all my eggs in one basket. That way if Adsense does shut down your account, you will have something to fall back on.

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The reason why you would fear your account being suspended/banned is if you don't abide by the rules like spamming, over stuffing content with keywords, etc. If you obey the rules, then Adsense can become the best means to optimize a blog or website.

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Gerhard Homveld answered

Google AdSense is a great ad-serving network that can help you create a passive monthly income. There are some disadvantages to using Google AdSense, like (as previously mentioned) your account could get banned.

If you choose to use Google AdSense to monetize your website, I would recommend adding an additional monetization method such as affiliate marketing or cpa marketing as well. This could not only double your profit, but will be a "life-saver" should your Google AdSense account ever be banned.

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