Why Do Organisations Exist?


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Organization is basically a group of people who are striving towards a common goal and in this process they control their own performance and have a boundary which separates them from their environment.

Most of the organizations exist for profit making. The ultimate aim of most organizations is to make money so that the shareholders and owners can benefit from it. Then there are some organizations which are not for profit. Their aim is to work for the betterment of the society as a whole. They have no concern with profit making. However, they are active seekers of sponsorships and aid from different other organizations.
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Basically an organization is an entity or a social arrangement which is aimed to achieve some goals and objectives. The existence of an organizations totally depends on the goals and the objectives on the basis of which, it came in to being. Organizations can be for-profit or non-profit organizations and they have their own environments where people are responsible to achieve the mission of the organization. Someone has greatly said about it, that an organization makes the ordinary people to do some extraordinary things, that is why it exists.

Most of the organizations tend to change over the period of time because those which do not change cannot survive in the demanding world of globalization. It is the rule for the going-concern of organizations to keep bringing some change and innovations for the customers. There are various ways through which they can change over time like through expansion, diversification, and product or brand extension etc. For example, United Nation Organization started to bring social reforms in the world and today it is the most diversified organization in the world.

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Organization exist to overcome the problem of individual limitations.Physically,mentally and of course financially.This can enable the individual to specialize in their strengths.
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The purpose of any organization is to achieve it's set goals. Every organization has it's own policies and procedures. The organization controls its own performance and every one works in a group to pursue the desired results.

For example, a welfare organization works for the welfare of society. Different welfare organizations have different aims and objectives. Some work for education, some to alleviate poverty, some give shelter to orphaned children etc.

There are many organizations working in the world. United Nation Organization (UNO) is a big name in the field.
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Organization exists for the basic aim to make money. But in addition of this, an organization also pools resources (like men, money, machines and materials). It shares skills, knowledge and expertise. It also sets into play a sort of 'synergy'.
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many reasons some are here:

1.organization exist to overcome individual limitations.

2.to enable specialisation

3.to save both time and money

4.sharing of knowledge as well as the pooling of expertise.

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