Can I File My Taxes As Head Of House Hold If I Am Married


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First of all, congrats on your wedding! Hope you enjoy your marriage as much as my wife and I. Twenty two years this year, and counting.
As to the tests regarding Head of Household filing status, the first rule is you must be unmarried, or considered unmarried. You are considered married the entire year if on the last day of a given year, you are married. Based on your marital status you are not eligible for HOH filing status. (IRS pub 17, ch 2)Good luck and enjoy your new life!
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Well what I have to do if children are involved then you could go to a place that offer free tax income on your tax refund and see who would get more if you claim your children for the earned income credit check with your local office they should be able to tell you more congrats did you serve turkey at the wedding just kidding.

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