What The Difference Between Product Concept, Production Concept And Marketing Concept?


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The marketing concept is a philosophy for the firm that says that the production of the firms should be based on customer needs. The products should be developed after analyzing the customer needs and market research and producing the products that are demanded by the consumers. On the other hand the product concept has no concern with customer demands, it advises the firms to produce products that the firm can produce efficiently and cost effectively even if there is no demand at all. The low cost and hence the low price will itself create demand. Marketing concept talks about catering to customer demand while the product concept talks about stimulating demand through a low cost offering. The product concept can only be applicable to mass production for low value products like pens but the marketing concept is applicable for all products.
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Marketing concept believes that if a Company does extensive research, and find out what the customers need, they should find ways of satisfying the customers need better than their competitor.This will lead to customer focus and profits.  The Production concept see things differently they believes that anything they produce which are highly affordable and available the customer will buy it, and this can cause marketing myopia, which is if you don't focus on satisfying customer's needs, you will have these products in your storeroom that will never sell, and this will cause a company to loose big. So in conclusion the marketing concept is different from the Production concept, because the marketing concept cares about the customers so they research what they want and provide it,  while the Production concept just want to have something to sell and make the price reasonable and have it in abundance. In other words they take the customers for granted.
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Product Concept is an abstract dealing with product development and it's positioning in the market place. Product concept involves the four major P's of marketing, including it's positioning, pricing, packaging and placement. It is also involved in the product's prototyping while it is in developmental stages. Production concept is based on product concept and is the finalized version of the the product. Marketing concept has to do with the campaign design and involves all the activities involved in selling like managing distribution networks, establishing parameters for service etc.
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Please give me a example of product concept
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There are a number of differences between these three concepts. The Marketing concept is basically the philosophy that firms must analyze the customer needs and then make specific products and strategies to satisfy these needs. Whereas the selling concept is the philosophy that was derived from the concept of mass selling and companies focused on producing the products and then trying to sell them to the customers through marketing and sales effort. On the other hand the production concept is the idea that a firm must focus on products that it is able to produce most efficiently. Firms would produce low cost products and believed that this low cost would propel the demand of the product. A product concept is more or less similar to the marketing concept as it involves production of a product as conceived by the user.

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