What Is Evolution Of Marketing Concept?


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In marketing and advertising it is important that you first ask the big five research questions:

What - what is it you're selling? Sure, it may be a product that you can touch or a clear service that people can use, but really, what is it and what does it mean to people when they possess it or utilize the service? How often do they use it? What do they use it for? How essential is it to everyday life? Is it an impulse buy? How will someone improve their lives by owning it?

When - When do people use it? When do they think of it? When is it most relevant? When does it become obsolete? When do people talk about it with others? When do they need to buy it?

Where - Where is it sold? Where do people generally buy it? Where are your competitors? Where do people use it? Where else? Where else? Where do people keep it when they're not using it? Where would it best be placed? Where are people when they think of it? What about that place triggers that need?

How - How is your product different? How does the customer use it? How should they use it? How can they use it that they're aren't doing now? How will it improve their lives? How do you want them to buy it? How do you want to contact them? How much money do you have to do this? How much more money than what you have allocated are you willing to spend? How much return do you need? If you get no tangible return other than awareness of your product or service will it have been worth the money? What is awareness worth to you?

Why - Why are they buying? Why did they buy in the past? Why are they buying from your competitor? Why are you selling it (beyond income)? Why do you like it and why should your customer like it? Why are you where you are? Why is the product the way it is? Why did you choose the area you chose? Why is selling the product or service important to you?

Once you have asked and answered all of those questions (honestly) you are ready to go to a marketing agency and ask them to craft a marketing concept for you. Unless you are willing create one yourself (the road to a homemade marketing concept is paved with the tombstones of those who have come before you). Design, photography, printing, web services, copy writing, radio and television production, and brand strategy. If you are confident that you can accomplish all of this then you will save yourself a lot of money and you should open your own marketing agency.
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A Concept Based on the processes in which Marketing has Evolved .
1. The Simple Trade Era - People produced what they consumed and simply exchanged surplus goods for other goods.
2. The Production Era - The main goal was production of goods at a reduced cost.
3. The Sales Era - To push products on the market place using various sales techniques.
4. The Marketing Department Era - Deciding which products to produce or not produce and incorporating procurement, advertising and sales into one single marketing Department.
5. The Marketing Company Era - Allowing the Marketing Department to guide the direction of production for the company.
6. The Relationship Marketing Era - Building long term company relationships with the consumer in order to retain the consumer as a returning customer.

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