What Is The Single Biggest Difference Between The Marketing Concept And The Production, Product,and Selling Concepts? Which Concepts Are Easiest To Apply In The Short Run? Which Concepts Can Offer The Best Long-term Success? Please Help.


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The single biggest difference between the above four concepts is the method applied to selling of products. It can be characterised as a push Vs Pull concept. The concepts that are the most easiest to apply in the short run are the production, product and the Selling concepts. This is because in all these concepts the emphasis is on the sales of the product, notwithstanding what are the needs of the consumers. However, the concept that offers long term success is the marketing concept. Here the emphasis is on knowing the needs of the consumers and then manufacturing a product accordingly. The advertising and promotion is a key component of this kind of concept and is done keeping in view the choices of the consumers.
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Aisha is right. The main difference is the way how you sell the product. But if we consider marketing concept only, we'll see different ways to promote a product. So, we can compare them, too. If you are interested in this topic, I recommend you to pay attention to owox bi. It is a platform that helps to make marketing easier.

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